How can I get a hold of you? My best answer to that is through any of the social sites you can find me on. Twitter, Facebook, and your best bet: YouTube, of course.

Can I add you on steam, XBL, PSN, etc.? You may add me on YouTube and that is it. I won’t add you unless I’ve played with you or know you personally.

Can I play with you? If you go to my twitter you can set it to where all of my tweets are sent to your phone as a text. If you do that, you’ll never miss an open lobby opportunity.

What are the rules for posting comments? None too many. Just be respectful and support your argument as we will probably most often disagree. I can’t say that swearing isn’t allowed as I’m not too well myself, but there are certain offensive things that cross the line. I also will not allow spam. This is a blog about gaming, not a cool place to shout your YouTube channel to the world. That’s my job.

I’m a subscriber. Will you feel bad if I don’t contribute? Don’t feel obligated to do something you don’t want to do. Didn’t Mommy teach you that?




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