The Finale of Recoil’s Adventures in Minecraft

I lovveedd this series. I truly appreciate all of the support through it. It’s amazing to see how much I’ve changed and improved throughout this series. Thank you.


The Return of Nonkerz

Wow, finally! It’s been a long time and it’s good to have him back. We’re gonna start back up the series with him ASAP, such as LoL w/ Nonkerz and Minecraft For Days. There’s also the possibility of a previous mention called Tea Time, a podcast type a thing.

I’m considering on making a video for his return, just me going crazy about it. We can’t freak out yet that he’s back because for all we know, he could be gone tomorrow again for his grades. This is why I’m hesitant to do a video just yet because he may just be gone the next day.

All seriousness aside, I can’t wait to continue all of the series with him! Check out his channel here.

Tea Time

After speaking with Nonkerz for the first time in a long time (due to him continuously getting in trouble) the topic came up of a podcast. Now way back in the day we almost started a podcast called “RGN Podcasting”, or Random Gaming News Podcasting, where we would livestream it and talk about gaming. It was very well thought but for some unfortunate reason never came alive and only lasted one failure of an episode.

But now the topic came up of a smaller, not as big of a deal type thing. Not strictly about gaming, just sittin’ back and only upload the damn thing; Tea Time. Where me, Nonkerz, and xUn1ty just sit down and talk once in awhile. Facetime type a deal. It’s still all a work and progress, and only a possibility, but something to look forward to.