The.. End of Skyrim?

I’ve been meaning to blog this earlier after I finally beat The Almighty and Unbeatable Skyrim. And I’ve got to say, I’m disappointed to say that it’s a lot shorter than I thought. I beat the final dragon (and resolved the story) within 10 hours not including the side quests. Being told it’s 100+ hours of gameplay, I suspected more from the main story. I’m disappointed because I wanted to level a lot of more things up before beating it. I can still do side quests and level up, and the side quests are plenty fun, but what’s the point of leveling up for side quests? I’m already able to cock-stomp everything and everyone in every side quest, but I guess I’m asking too much. All I’m saying is I’ve seen longer games (main stories at least) that weren’t worked on for 4 years.



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