The Unfortunate Truth

As to answer a question that i got messaged on de youtubez. The question specifically was “Hey Recoil. why do so many people choose console when PC is so much more powerful?” and he’s got a point, PC’s are about 9x more powerful. But I know the reasons behind why so many people would choose console gaming, it’s really kind of disappointing. but think of it from a dev’s point of view. Just making a game for console would be a thousand times easier than a PC. When making a game for PC they have to put in mind what kind of builds that they should make the game for. And there’s MILLIONS of possible combinations. from running AMD, Intel, Nvida, Radeon and for what OS (operating system) ; Windows 7, Vista, XP. it’s insane the amount of work they have to do compared to consoles, who are just ONE possibility, because Xbox’s are all the same and PS3’s are all the same.

Another down to the PC is that PC’s require more frequent upgrades than consoles, overall making it much more expensive. PC’s have much more lag (depending on how good your PC is) and are just harder to understand.

But the PC does strike in points where, although not as many, the benefits are outstandingly better than console. PC’s are so much more powerful it’s incredible, making the graphics better and giving it options in the game that console not only wouldn’t but COULDN’T allow due to lack of power. But the main thing for me is m/kb (mouse/keyboard). m/kb just opens up so much more of what you can do than just on an ordinary controller. With the mouse you have faster reaction time in FPS, because even with the console sensitivity on it’s highest setting, the mouse will always allow more freedom than an analog stick(s).

Playing on the PC I think is something that many console gamers either A) aren’t comfortable with or B) are completely unaware of how everything works, or a combo of the two. It’s really a shame because back in the day I found myself the same way, however I was much younger. I never thought of CoD on the PC back then. I just thought of mini-arcade type games. But now I see the amazingness of everything with PC, and it really is jaw-dropping compared to console.

It’s really devastating that the only thing limiting us from having such a greater gaming experience is laziness.

I hate to tell yall, but it seems like PC is becoming less and less popular for all of the wrong reasons.


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